Artist Statement
Painting plein-air is an important phase in my painting. Observing events that occur when standing still painting would be missed by simply photographing a promising composition and moving on. In the open landscape, curious or unthreatened wildlife join the scene, in the inhabited world, there are curious or interested people to meet. Life naturally unfolds during the moments of stillness and concentration.

I like to imagine that I am confronting this visual world like it was a symphony arranged by the light. The eye, like an intuitive ear, is turned to this world. You listen with an all absorbing emotion, allowing harmony and rhythm to permeate the senses. Using instruments of watercolor, pastel, or oil, I play out the musical score with color, contrast and gesture. I find this confrontation exhilarating and search for positive emotions, optimism and excitement within each shape and movement.

At home in my studio, my sketches, small paintings and photos from these outings are used to rekindle this initial emotion and fascination. These plein-air compositions are explored and my paintings are completed in larger scale using pastel or oil or a combination of media.